Klimablock delivers filter system to Bording Fronts A/S

Klimablock delivers filter system to Bording Fronts A/S

Bording Fronts A/S now has a reliable and efficeint filter system

Bording Fronts A/S is in the woodworking industry and for more than 40 years they have supplied fronts and other components to furniture and kitchen manufacturers.

Bording Fronts has added a new lacquer department to their production facilities and therefore they needed an expansion of their exhaust system as well. In close cooperation with Bording Fronts, Klimablock delivered a new screw filter system. A solution with a screw filter system is ideal for the woodworking industry since it efficiently cleans the air for wood chips and dust. Another great advantage af the screw filter is, that the only moveable part is the screw itself and this ensures simple maintenance and a realiable solution. Klimablock delivered a high efficient industrial fan with low noise emission and maximum reliability.

Production Manager at Bording Fronts A/S, Ole Mortensen, has subsequently stated that they are "completely satisfihed" with both the solution and the cooperation with MultiAir.

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The new screw filter at Bording Fronts