Klimablock ensures dye-work factory a more eco-friendly production

A cooperation with Klimablock ensures L.P. Hansen dye-work factory a better indoor climate as well as more energy efficient production.

L.P. Hansen dye-work factory located in Bredsten, Denmark is the only Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified dye-work factory in Denmark, and the factory is part of DILLING Underwear that produces organic underwear.

For DILLING, wanting to be an ecofriendly and sustainable company, also means wanting to improve the indoor climate in their production area for the benefit of their employees.

In line with DILLING's philosophy, Klimablock has delivered an energy efficient solution which ensures that the heat from the extracted air is used to warm up the fresh air. This is done through an air-to-air heat exchanger. So DILLING's new ventilation system not only ensures a better work climate but it also ensures saving of energy.

The owner of the dye-works factory, Villy Bertelsen, is also very satisfied with the solution from Klimablock. He states, that they are pleased with the cooperation with Klimablock, and that all agreements were fulfilled and on time.

If your company is interested in increasing employee satasfactions through a better indoor climate and at the same time save money on a more energy efficient ventilation solution contact Klimablock today.

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Extraction system above production
Extraction system above production