Service & Service agreements

Maintenance check of your exhaust system? Klimablock's service agreements are customer specific.

Klimablock's service agreements are customer specific. For example we can make a service agreement that includes a total maintenance check where everything (materials, wages etc.) are included or we can agree only to check what is required by law.

A Klimablock service agreement can provide you with:

  • High dependability on your ventilation-system
  • Mandatory inspections compliant to all authorization requirements
  • Preventive maintenance as well as periodic inspections
  • Repair works
  • Full service will take care for the entire maintenance on your system
  • 24/7 call service, 365 days a year
service agreeements



Klimablock offers service and preventive maintenance on all ventilation/exhaust systems.

Regular maintenance checks will maximize the system's performance and prolong the lifespan on the system. Regular checks will also prevent system failures and unnecessary wear.

Regular filter replacement, cleaning pipes and checkups on mechanical parts will minimize the energy consumption and help to maintain high performance and function of the system.

service agreeements