Compact Filters

The Usage of compact filters

Compact filters are mainly used where maximum operating certainty and air purity is required. The filters are used for filtration of supplied air from fine dust, bacteria and pollens in all ventilation and air conditioning systems or as a pre-filter for highly efficient filter inserts. Compact filters can be deliveres i different classes from M5 to E11.


The Construction of the compact filter

Special filtration papers, made of cellulose and glass sub-micron fibres with the required filter class, are used as a filter medium. Filter threads in a V-shape are sealed hermetically with a sealant into a stable plastic filter frame

Compact filters for gas turbines

We can also supply compact filters specifically to be used in gas turbine facilities as these filtes are built to withstand a lot of presuure. Our gas turbine filters are produced in two sizes with a depth of either 400mm or 600mm and with a double layer of material which ensures a low drop of pressure.

Compact Filters