About Klimablock

An innovative company

Klimablock is an innovative company with experienced employees, more than 35 years of responsibility for designing, delivering and installing highly effective exhaust systems for the wood, plastic and metal industry.

We use our experience to bring our customers a professional attitude and customized solutions, that are based on the specific needs of the specific company.

We have acquired great technical prerequisites – capacity, knowledge and experience from the many successful projects we have delivered in Denmark and internationally. Furthermore, we have something perhaps even more valuable: The ability and willpower to cooperate.

Another area where Klimablock differs from other suppliers of exhaust systems and industrial ventilation, is our great focus on development and innovation. We want to ensure we always can offer our our customers the best and most efficient products.

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Our experience – Your strength

Throughout the years we have worked together with both small and large companies in a wide range of industries and with a great diversity of installations. This has given us a solid experience within different work processes and in delivering complex projects. Combined with our ability to deliver flexible and customized solutions, we have achieved success by creating the most ideal indoor climate – To the advantage of both business and employees.

When we have delivered an ventilation system, we follow up with regular evaluations. This improves our know-how and ensures that our solutions are always meeting our customers’ expectations and needs.

Why MultiAir and KlimaBlock?

KlimaBlock is a well-known name in the ventilation industry with more than 70 years of experience in delivering especially exhaust systems in the iron industry. Furthermore, KlimaBlock is also known for high quality products such as high vacuum and welding fume extraction arm.

The story behind

The story behind KlimaBlock and MultiAir begins with one of MultiAir's current owners - Finn Sandgaard. He started DHIAA Vent (another industrial ventilation company) which bought KlimaBlock in 2001. At that time KlimaBlock had a big market share and also exported a lot to countries around the world. Finn Sandgaard left KlimaBlock in 2003 and in 2005 KlimaBlock went bankrupt. In 2011 MultiAir bought the KlimaBlock trademark.

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